Madly in Love with Local Library


“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”
Walter Cronkite

Ahhhh summertime calls from within the walls of our lovely library where there is every to learn and nooks and crannies to escape, from the heat, from the bills, from my children.

When I was finishing my degree my beloved Art History teacher Donald Harrington posed this final essay question in our final exam. He asked, “Which is the better material for research, books or the Internet? Explain.” And still today I think about that essay question when I’m really trying to understand something so fully that it opens whole new questions or when I want my child to not just learn the names of our plants but to understand them too. The answer is books. When we learn through books the information stays with us rather than being transient knowledge.

With that said, these days libraries offer us so much more than just books.So, here’s what you can get with one library card, or from the library in our small modest town:

1. Freegal! My new favorite. With your library card you can download three free songs per week, that’s a free complete album every month. And, like on Amazon you can here short excerpts of the songs first. It’s a service your library pays for.

Furthermore, you can check our they’re CD collection.

2. You can copy any tax document you may need, as well as research.

3. Most libraries offer free internet access on computers as well as wireless connection for those with laptops.

4. Children’s reading programs are endless, for all ages. And kids love the library, because they can choose ANY book they want without the parents relying “No we can’t afford that.” My kids drag home so many books that we have a special shelf to keep them on.

5. It’s a great place to meet introverts. Like myself, apparently 47% of the US population is introverted. And I made two excellent friends at the library. They’re also introverts. So introverts, go meet someone!

6. Many libraries will also often host a movie.

7. You can often book a meeting room from some cool group you’re thinking of starting.

8. They have excellent CHEAP book sales.

9. They often host classes, such as computer classes or resume builder classes.

10. Looking for a book club. Look no further. (Or you can start one in one of those polished meeting rooms)

11. Need a career boost? Libraries often offer lots of on site and Internet programs you can only access with a library card. As well a lots of magazines.

12. Just touring your libraries website will offer you great links and information about what they can offer.

And this isn’t on the list because it’s about books, but one little tip, when I find books at stores such as Amazon I’ll then check out our libraries on-line card catalog and have them hold it for me before investing.

Many libraries also have ebooks for Kindles and the like.

So, go escape into your library today.



2 thoughts on “Madly in Love with Local Library

  1. My husband says that he has 100’s of people taking care of his thousands of books. And he just goes in anytime and grabs one. :) We love the library.

    • Yes, It does feel that way doesn’t it? I know my young son feels that very way. It makes me laugh, everytime he returns “his” books it’s like he’s doing someone a favor. Thanks so much for your comment!

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