Why I do-it-myself

Image Calling all men, women and children! (Forgive the righteous tone.) We are living in a time, when the conveniences in our life are quite literally causing our demise. And never has this been more truly evident when today my small children reminded me that work is good. Not “going to work” but work as a meaningful element to our existence.

My 5 year old son was haranguiing his little sister till she was maxed-out and so I shuffled him out into the garage. You’re going to help me fix my car son. Lord know I didn’t know what we were going to fix, but I remembered, when he works he is clam and pleased with himself. So we popped open the back of my old shabby Beetle and tweaked the lines, and checked the oil, then washed off the motor. He was elated. I made a note to myself….remember this when he’s 10, work keeps him focused and happy. Shortly afterward it was nap time and I read my daughter Little Mommy, one of those books with the gold spine written in the 50’s. So the girl in the story works, washes, cooks, cleans, and delights in her work. And my daughter delights in this little girl’s work. Work is good, I reminded myself. Through the daily drudge the purpose slips by and leaves me feeling bored and restless. And when feeling especially put out I’ll try to convince myself that I’m showing my objects how much I love them. I love you, Beetle car. I love you, shag rug, vase, plateware…

So, after my daughter went down for her nap, I had to have that conversation with myself, Dear car that I love……..it’s time for repairs. Gas lines, oil changes, idle mixtures, all that jazz. And while at first, this challenged had felt daunting since it had been such a long time since I’d gotten my fingernails so dirty, the success that follows I know will be fulfilling. If need be, by God, I can do it myself. I should do myself. Because it’s affordable, because it’s good to learn, because I can show up the grumpy mechanic, and because after my strained sailors mouths is calmed by a steady running engine, I will feel blissful again.Image


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