My story of first harvesting seeds.


I remember the first time I harvested seeds. It was when I was living in my Aunt Rachel’s house in Portland, Oregon. She had the most wonderful Hollyhocks reaching over my head with lovely pink and red flowers cascading down. I loved them, because they were hers, and because she’d harvested them from my grandmothers garden. So when the stalks had dried I cut the little seed cups and put them in a plastic bag. Later that year they followed me back to Arkansas where I planted them in my own garden. The following Spring I was  delighted to find them growing up from my patch of rusty brown earth. They grew taller than me. And the seeds spread all over the yard growing and overshadowing the tomatoes and the corn and eventually drooping over the fish pond. They grew everywhere the lawn mower didn’t navigate till a several years later I dug them all up and threw them away. Despite how sad that sounds, resilient nature took over and they continued to come back. Those marvelous old heirloom seeds overcame me. So I cut them back, learned about soil maintenance and accepted their challenge. They are here with us now growing and blooming as you read this blog. I’ve collected their vital seeds to send to my sister back in Portland with what I’ve learned about them. And I’ve collected other seeds too, the Valentine Sunflowers, Bachelor Buttons, Brown Eyed Susans, Peaches and Cream Corn, Sugar Snap Peas–jewels of life and abundance. Seeds are beads of abundance and change and continuity, and the penny pincher that I am, they are gifts free to anyone who collects them.

For more information about seed harvesting, including GMO’s , responsible planting, and how-to’s, please check out the next blog and this excellent website, Seed Save :

As always, let me know your story!


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