Thanks so much for looking into The Artful Penny blog!

I’m a restless NW Arkansas mother and wife with two little ones. And in their young years I’ll be home with them, subsisting on one income. So upon deciding this, we had to embrace a philisophical life change which moved more slowly and deliberately and surprisingly more abundantly. I’ve had to learn a lot and recognize the true difference in need and want, and was also pleased to learn about things I needed that I hadn’t known I’d needed. For instance, now I know I need to garden to relieve stress, and I’m more patient than I’d ever imagined, and that accomplishment, indeed potential is way beyond title and salary, it includes grit. And, this is just the beginning. I’m still just a student, as I hope you are too, still looking for answers, questions, and like minded folks to share them with.

So these a fragments of what I’m finding, the beautiful daily challenge in living without,

and the beautiful daily blessing of what we’re living with.

Smashed Pennies - collected

Smashed Pennies – collected (Photo credit: jennecy)


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